Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

All information on the Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels internet website exists  for the sole purpose of advertising and providing information. The user may not in any way claim that the "information" on the website is incorrect or that s/he has suffered damages as a consequence of this information.  In the event that a user intends to carry out a transaction using this information as a reference, s/he accepts that s/he is obligated to provide the Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels , General Directorate with definitive, reliable information and that Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  is in no way liable if the information published on the website is not up to date.

Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  reserves the right, at its own discretion, to alter the contents of the website any time it wishes, to modify or terminate any service it provides to users, and to delete the user information and data it has stored on the Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  website. Although every precaution has been taken to ensure that the information provided on its website is correct, Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  cannot be held liable for any existing or potential errors on the website.

Although all possible measures have been taken to purge the Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  internet website of viruses and similar programmes, in order to assure full security the user bears the responsibility to install an anti-virus system and to take all necessary precautions to protect his/her personal computer. In this regard, when using the Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  internet website, the user accepts liability for any consequences that may arise as a direct or indirect result of faults in his/her own software and operating system.

In the event that a complaint or a summons for an official interrogation is received from authorities and/or it is demonstrated that s/he has committed any kind of electronic sabotage or attack intended to disrupt the functioning of the Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  system, Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  is entitled to investigate the user's identification documents and inform the legal authorities.

Due the nature of the internet (WWW), it is possible that information may circulate on the internet without sufficient security measures being taken and may be used by unauthorised people.  Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  is not liable such unauthorised usage or for any damages arising from such usage.

Personal information communicated to Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  by way of this internet website will be used only as outlined below.

Privacy Statement

By using our internet website, you are allowing the use of personal data obtained via our website and collected by companies associated with Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels.

Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  will use this data for the following purposes:

  • To send you printed materials or other correspondence.
  • To send you press releases or bulletins via e-mail.
  • To deliver products you have purchased or prizes you have won.
  • In order to process your reservation requests and manage your account.
  • In order to calculate statistics regarding your transactions, and to generate commercial statistics and analyses regarding website usage.

Only authorized Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  staff members or Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  representatives who are contractually obliged to respect users' privacy have access to personal data. As part of our ongoing assessment and improvement process Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  enhances our website on the basis of general user data that is collected on an aggregate basis and does not contain personally identifiable information. This statistical data includes browser types, geographic location, age, gender and similar information that is used primarily to help us better understand and serve our valued customers and provide them with better, more relevant products and services. The Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  does not divulge this data to third parties. This data is utilized only for the purposes stated above.

Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels ‘s Privacy Policy

The website you are visiting is owned and operated by Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels .

Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  is committed to protecting your personal privacy. This Privacy Policy provides an overview of the types of data collected by Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  Hotels and how it is utilized and protected. This policy also explains how you can change the information you have provided us as well as what you need to do in case you do not wish to have your “Personal Data” collected when you visit our website. This policy is only valid for this website. This policy apply to web banners, advertisements or promotions on the behalf of Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  that appear on websites operated by third parties, sponsorships of websites owned or operated by third parties, or other similar cases where the site in question is not owned or managed directly by Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels .

Your permission in regard to this Privacy Policy

Your use of this Web Site indicates to us that you have read and accept our privacy practices, as outlined in this Privacy Statement. If you do not agree with the conditions outlined in this policy, please do not supply your Personal Data on this website. 

By choosing not to supply your Personal Data on this website, you will not be able to benefit from a number of privileges such as accessing certain portions of the website, requesting online press releases, making online reservations and job applications, providing feedback about our hotels, restaurants and other locations or sending us e-mail.

Gathering personal data

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, ‘Personal Data' or ‘Personal Information' is comprised of personally identifiable information such as a person's name, home address, telephone number, credit card information and e-mail address. This website you are visiting can collect some or all of these types of Personal Data. As long as you do not willingly and knowingly provide this information, we can assure you that the Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  will not collect Personal Data of any kind when you visit website. 

By providing us with your Personal Data, you thereby authorize us to use this information in the manner stipulated in our Privacy Policy.

Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  website(s) may also request personal information about other individuals (third parties). This information will only be used for the stated purpose (ex. sending the individual, at your request, an e-mail about an event or promotion at Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels ). Provided this individual(s) does not contact Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  directly, Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  will not attempt to re-contact this individual(s) by way of unsolicited e-mail or any other means.

How do we utilize your information?

When you provide Personal Data on this website, we will only use this type of data only for the specific purpose for which it was collected (for instance, to subscribe you to an e-newsletter or send you e-mail confirming the hotel reservation you have made). We may also use this information to send you promotions and/or other information regarding products and services we believe may be of interest to you or share or provide this data to carefully selected partner companies who may want to send you information and/or offers regarding their products/services. You may at any time request not to receive these types of communications.

On occasion, we may bring in third parties to analyze or process the data we have gathered on our websites, including Personal Data. Additionally, when you order a product or service from us, we may share your Personal Data with suppliers, such as package express companies, so that they can deliver the aforementioned product or service to you. These suppliers and other third parties are under no circumstances authorized to make use of your personal data in any fashion other than that for which it was provided.

Lastly, it is our responsibility to inform you that we will disclose your Personal Data whenever required by law due to search warrants, court summons or court orders or other similar legal directives.

Other data we may gather  

You have probably heard of “cookies” (data blocks), which are data files or segments embedded into the web browser stored on your computer's hard disk. Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  can use these "cookies" to gather information such as which services you have used on our web site and private areas of our site you have visited. We collect this information in order to modify our site to gear it towards those products in which you have shown interest. These “cookies” can also be used in order to help us expedite your future visits to our website by automating transactions or automatically filling in forms. For instance, our website can use the Personal Data you have previously provided in order to save you time by not asking you again for the same information. A number of browsers are preset to accept a “cookie.” You may set your computer not to accept "cookies" or else set your browser to warn you when a "cookie" is sent. Rejecting a “cookie” may prevent you from being able to browse some parts of our site or else may prevent personal information from being acquired during your visit.

In addition, we are always enhancing the user experience side of our website, and we can measure the effectiveness of our website by determining where you click in order to visit different items on our website. In addition to personalizing your website experience, website visitor statistics can be used – anonymously and in aggregate terms - to evaluate statistics pertaining to use of our website.

Data regarding your computer such as the operating system and web browser you use, your IP address (the number assigned to your computer whenever you browse the internet) can also be gathered and connected to your Personal Data. This is necessary in order for our website to offer visitors the best possible internet experience as well as to ensure that it is an effective source of information. 

Information regarding some of the pages you browse may be gathered by means of pixel labels, which are shared with third parties who directly support the improvement of the website and Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels’s promotional activities.

Finally, we may combine the data you provide us with other information we have available or acquire from third parties. This is an activity we undertake for marketing purposes, in order to offer products and services that are tailored as closely as possible to your needs.

Data Security

We take all reasonable steps in order to ensure that your Personal Data remains secure. All personal data from which identity can be established are subject to restricted access in order to prevent unauthorized access, modification or misuse.

Agencies and other subcontractors providing services to Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  are required to maintain the secrecy of this data and are not permitted to utilize this information for any other purpose other than carrying out the services they are contracted to provide for Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels . 

Changes in our Policy

Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  reserves the right to cancel or change this Privacy Policy without advance notice. Any new policy will be announced here, so we ask that you check this portion of the site regularly in order to stay abreast of any changes.

Contact us

Please write to if you wish to submit any feedback regarding this Privacy Policy, to make enquiries, or to inform us of any breach of the Privacy Policy. Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  will make every effort to respond to all enquiries and comments.

Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  is committed to protecting your privacy and the security of your identity as a user of the Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  website and a friend of the Happy Group Hotels Resort Hotels  brand. Please feel free to contact us with questions, viewpoints and concerns regarding our Privacy Policy.



If cancelled or modified up to 7 days before date of arrival, no fee will be charged.

If cancelled or modified later or in case of no-show, 100 percent of the first night will be charged.

Deposit Policy

No deposit will be charged.


Please note, if cancelled, modified or in case of no-show, the total price of the reservation will be charged.

Deposit Policy

The total price of the reservation may be charged anytime after booking.